Changing the world, one dog at a time.

Genetically Tested

Tested and genetically clear of over 200+ diseases

Puppy Programming

All of our puppies go through Puppy Programming and ENS. This ensures the dogs have the very best start to a great life and temperament

Responsibly Bred

All of our puppies are ethically bred and raised in a warm, loving household.

Micro Mini Teacup


Prices may vary depending on color, pattern, and availability



Prices may vary depending on color, pattern, and availability



Prices may vary depending on color pattern, and availability

Breeding rights are not included.


Do you offer breeding rights?

No, we don't.

As a reputable and responsible dog breeder, I require the spay/neuter of all of our pet quality puppies to be sure they are used for breeding for 2 reasons:

1) I don't want someone reproducing my dogs with a lower quality mate for puppies that could potentially result in health or temperament issues which puts my reputation at stake, and

2) To keep dogs that I produced from contributing to the huge number of dogs (even doodles) in the rescue population.

That way, I am continuing to preserve the integrity of the overall health, structure and temperament of my breed, in addition to being certain none of my dogs (or their progeny) be surrendered.

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